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The Bottle

Use our interactive customizer to include your personal messages or select messages from our pre-written options. We have example messages available for nearly any occasion.
  • Includes 9 messages that we handwrite
  • Includes a free charm on rope
  • Choice of bottle
  • Ready to gift in a beautiful custom box
  • Only $22
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Do-It-Yourself Bottle Kit

One bottle, 9 blank messages, golden rings, capsules and choice of charm.
  • Includes 1 charm on rope
  • Choice of bottle
  • Beautiful Gift Box
  • Only $14
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Have you been struggling to find the perfect present? Is everything you find boring or unoriginal? Do you need to create a beautiful and personal gift for someone you love? THE BOTTLE gives you the chance to give the messages of your heart to that special someone. 

When you give someone THE BOTTLE, you are giving them the words you’ve always wanted to say, sweetly encapsulated in a keepsake that they will always treasure. For any day, celebration or occasion, there is a bottle to match. Choose from our preset message options or send your own custom messages to share. 

Have Some Fun! 

At THE BOTTLE, we believe in sharing little capsules of love and care. Whether you want to let your creativity run wild in designing your own messages, or trust us to choose the words you can’t find, the right bottle is here waiting for you.

Think of the person you care about gingerly unwrapping the beautifully presented messages in a bottle and seeing the special thoughts you have for them. If you want to make them smile and feel cherished, this is the way to do it! While you’re at it, why not create a curated bottle for everyone you know? It’s an easy and simple gift that carries a lot of meaning, and will be an experience to behold for years to come.

I love this! I gave one to my wife for Sweetest Day and she flipped out! Thanks!
-H. Jackson
I ordered a romance bottle for my husband as an anniversary present and it definitely rekindled the spark! It was so wonderful to un-scroll and read some of our favorite memories, and it looks so cute sitting on our mantle :)
-Abby Meredith