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Whether you’ve been dating for a short while or you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, you need to take the time to commemorate the day in a special way. Thankfully, anniversary gift-giving just got a whole lot easier – and a whole lot more special.

For some couples, it can be difficult to put into words how they feel after being together for as long as they have. What do you say to the person who makes your heart skip a beat, even now? Luckily, you have the team at The Bottle on standby. Use some of our suggested messages and/or include some of your own for that extra personalized touch. 

Your life partner is the person you should make feel loved no matter what. It's our responsibility to show our love and creating a strong bond always requires powerful words! The Bottle is the perfect way to express love and admiration. We specialize in creating gifts that make a lasting impression and every bottle we create stirs emotion. 

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Romantic Gift for Your Anniversary

It’s your anniversary – time to celebrate love! But not just any ol’ celebration, we're talking about a seriously spectacular gift to show them how much you care! And there’s no better way than through the gift of one of our handcrafted Anniversary Bottles customized with your own personal messages. 

Taking care of our partner and making them feel special is a great way to keep the romance alive.

It is of prime importance for spouses to always remember their wedding anniversary date. The romantic gesture of giving a gift this personal to your partner on the anniversary day is guaranteed to make them feel appreciated. We have done all the work for you and created the best romantic gift you can give to anyone.  Don’t waste your precious time and go for the Anniversary Bottle. It is a great way to tell someone special just how great you think they are and how you adore them. You can express your love by using words without even saying them. Think how amazing this is!  

Features of The Anniversary Bottle

Highest quality materials and workmanship so customers can feel confident in choosing one of our crafted personal message bottles as their gift for this special occasion.

We all know that small things look extra cute. This little glass bottle has an attractive little cork lid, a cute little charm, and is packaged ready to give as a gift.

This bottle comes with nine message capsules made to carry your heartfelt thoughts.. 

The colorful capsules look so pleasing in a glass bottle.

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I love this! I gave one to my wife for Sweetest Day and she flipped out! Thanks!
-H. Jackson
I ordered a romance bottle for my husband as an anniversary present and it definitely rekindled the spark! It was so wonderful to un-scroll and read some of our favorite memories, and it looks so cute sitting on our mantle :)
-Abby Meredith