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  • Build a blanket fort and add twinkle lights. Bring snacks, pillows, and other fun items.
  • Bundle up with blankets and go stargazing.
  • Buy 3 bottles of wine and sample for your favorite. Add cheese or chocolate too!
  • Candlelight Dinner at home. Don't forget dessert!
  • Cook dinner together. Then feed each other your first bites.
  • Create a music playlist together. Then have a dance party with it!
  • Get culinary! Find YouTube tutorials and make a fancy meal together at home
  • Make a list of 20 things you love about each other than share it together.
  • Make a time capsule and include things about each other and news of the world.
  • Make art! Grab a canvas and some paint and use your bodies as the brush!
  • Make love in an exciting new location.
  • Pop some popcorn and snuggle up for a good movie.
  • Read a book to each other.
  • Set up a relaxing environment and take turns giving each other a massage.
  • Share a relaxing bath together and add some bubble bath or salts.
  • Sing a Karaoke Duet
  • Take a steamy shower together and wash each other with care.
  • Take an online dance lesson together. Add romantic lighting after the lesson.
  • Touch hands and stare into each other's eyes for a full 5 minutes.
  • Write Each Other a Love Letter.
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I ordered a romance bottle for my husband as an anniversary present and it definitely rekindled the spark! It was so wonderful to un-scroll and read some of our favorite memories, and it looks so cute sitting on our mantle :)
-Abby Meredith
I love this! I gave one to my wife for Sweetest Day and she flipped out! Thanks!
-H. Jackson